About us

Farmer Producer Company with a strong agri-tech eco-system
About Us

Tech. Enabled Farmer Producer Company

Sreshta Farmer Producer Company (Sreshta Farms) was formed in Kollipara, Andhraradesh with a vision of building a technology-driven agriculture ecosystem for sustainable farming practices.

Sreshta Farms is one of the first Farmer Producer Companies with a digital identity for farmers through Bluenumber Foundation

Sreshta Farms with strong eco-system partner manage the FPC operations with 3 major focus areas

1) Soil, Seed & Inputs
2) Collection & Processing
3) Retail & Export Division


Happy Indian farmer at green turmeric agriculture field.

60-70% of input costs go into managing disease and pesticides and our inputs division helps our farmers get the soil ready, the right seed, and the necessary fertiliser & pesticides. Most of our technology implementation is focusing on getting the right inputs to the farm.

Spices & pulses processing, packaging, and storage facilities establish Sreshta Farms as a resourceful team to create a direct market link for the farmers.

Sreshta farm will start selling most of the processed products at Sreshta.farm and on WhatsApp apart from the third-party online platforms and retail stores

Input Division

Proper use of inputs and thorough soil preparation can significantly reduce the risk of costly failures in agriculture. Soil testing, crop-specific soil preparation, and appropriate seed selection are essential aspects of farming. Our inputs division offers a range of options, including different types of seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides, to our members. By using these inputs and preparing the soil accordingly, farmers can maximize crop potential and profitability. Proper soil testing allows farmers to identify any deficiencies or imbalances in the soil, which can then be corrected with the appropriate fertilizers to improve soil health. Choosing the right seed variety for the specific growing conditions will lead to optimal crop growth and yield, and appropriate pesticide use helps control pests and diseases without harming the crop. By incorporating these steps in their farming technique, farmers can increase their chances of success and profitability.

Our partnership with Aeroespacial to utilize drones for pesticide spraying is helping us optimize the spray, and we look forward to implementing precision spraying in the next phase. NeoAura, in partnership with Blockchaind LLC and SimplyFi, is conducting a pilot with our farmers to measure carbon using blockchain technology. Our partnership with Bluenumber Foundation is a demonstration of our commitment to creating digital identities for our farmer community and it is an essential step towards achieving traceability.

Processing Division

Our processing division will process all the spices and pulses as well in the future. The processing center would also be responsible for developing value-added products such as spice blends, lentil flour, cottonseed oil, and other food items using the farm’s produce. This would enable the FPC to increase the value of their products and tap into new market segments.

With the strong passion of our Process Division Head, Sambi Reddy, and the support from the Department of Horticulture, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, we are establishing our first processing centre in Kollipara. 

The processing center would work with the retail and export division to distribute the products to the customers. This would include arranging for the logistics of transportation, compliance with export regulations and building relationships with retailers and wholesalers. This processing centre will fulfil the current and projected demand for our internal customers and also explore potential export opportunities.

Retail & Export Division

Sreshta Farms’ retail and export division would be responsible for the distribution and sales of the farm’s products both within the domestic market and to international customers. This division would be responsible for a wide range of tasks, including:

  1. Identifying target markets: The retail and export division would need to identify the target markets for Sreshta Farms’ products, both domestically and internationally. This would involve researching market trends, understanding customer needs, and identifying potential buyers.

  2. Packaging and branding: The division would be responsible for developing packaging and branding that is appropriate for the target market and that helps to differentiate Sreshta Farms’ products from those of competitors.

  3. Product development: The division would work with other departments within Sreshta Farms to develop new products that are tailored to the needs of specific markets.

  4. Pricing: The division would need to determine pricing strategies that are competitive in the target market while ensuring that the farm is profitable.

  5. Sales and distribution: The division would be responsible for selling the farm’s products to customers and for arranging for the distribution of products to customers. This could involve building relationships with retailers and wholesalers, working with logistics providers to arrange for transportation of products, and managing export regulations and compliance.

  6. Promotion: The division would use various marketing tools and strategies such as social media, email campaigns, and events to promote the Sreshta Farms products.

  7. Online sales:  In the ever growing online market, Sreshta.farm and other third party online platforms will start selling our branded or co-branded products

  8. Export compliance: The division would be responsible for ensuring that Sreshta Farms’ products meet all relevant regulations and standards for export, including food safety and labeling requirements.

  9. Relationship building: The division would also be responsible for building long-term relationships with retailers and other customers to ensure repeat business and sustainable growth.

Overall, the retail and export division of Sreshta Farms would play a critical role in ensuring that the farm’s products reach a wide range of customers and generate revenue for the farmers.

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